What Service Do I Need For My Vehicle

A vehicle service is essential to maintaining the health and functionality of your vehicle. All manufacturers recommend a service at least once a year (or more if you drive lots of miles)

When Tyrerite Ltd carry out a service on your vehicle we will check your vehicle and ensure that it is running well.

Some services include oil and filter changes, brake fluid drain and replacement, screen wash top-up, new air and pollen filters which all contribute to the smooth running of your vehicle.

Which service do you need?

The most popular services are Interim, Full and Major (you might see some garages use different names such as Gold, Silve Bronze etc), all of these services have checks to ensure that your vehicle is running safely and smoothly. Names of services may vary depending on the company that you use for example some will use Gold, Silver and Bronze approach but essentially the level of checks carried out is very similar.

Interim Service

It is recommended an interim service is carried out every 6 months or 6000 miles. Making shorter trips might make you think that an Interim service isn’t required as you only use your vehicle perhaps locally for small journeys.

Driving little and often can actually cause tyres and brakes to wear to quicker than if you were driving longer journeys. Frequent stop-start driving can lead to wear and tear; therefore if you do carry out this style of driving an interim service will provide you will peace of mind that your vehicle is safe to drive and prevent unwanted breakdowns.

Full Service

As a minimum you should have your vehicle serviced once every year or around 12,000 miles whichever comes first. This will also ensure that when you sell your vehicle, it will have a full service history which can add to the value.
A full service includes all checks from an Interim service plus additional brake and engine inspections, replacement of cabin and air filters, brake fluid check and more extensive under bonnet checks.

Manufacturer Service

A Manufacturer service is the most extensive and allows new vehicle owners to keep up to date with the recommended servicing requirements. This will ensure that the warranty of your vehicle is kept valid as some full services are not up to Manufacturer standards.

This also includes the replacement of some parts recommended every two years including, pollen filters and brake fluid.

Not sure which service you require, call Tyrerite Ltd on 01724 862161 to discuss the best service for your vehicle. 

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