How long does it take to service a vehicle?

The duration of a vehicle service can vary widely depending on several factors:

Type of Service: The time it takes to carry out a service can vary.  The two most popular services are Interim which can take up to 2 hours and a Full Service which can be up to 4 hours, however these could be longer if repairs or maintenance are required e.g. Oil and Filter change.

Vehicle Make and Model: Modern vehicles are more complex and therefore can require more time due to different parts and designs. A full service for a standard Petrol or Diesel engine vehicle will differ from hybrid and electrical vehicles due to the complexity of the components.

Availability: Depending on the number of priority/urgent jobs that Tyrerite Ltd  has booked for the day can depend on how long your vehicle service takes to complete. You can leave your vehicle with us and we will contact you when it's ready to pick up

Additional Repairs: There are occasions during a service when our trained technicians discover issues that may require additional parts. This can extend the length of the service.

Parts Availability: If during a service it is found that your vehicle requires replacement parts, this can affect the service time as the parts will need to be sourced.

To get an accurate quote for how long a specific service on your vehicle will take, we recommend that you contact us on 01724 862161. We can provide an accurate estimate based on your vehicle’s make and model and recommend the type of service required.

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