Van Tyres

Designed with reinforced sidewalls, van tyres are built to withstand heavier loads compared to standard car tyres.

The type of van and load that it will carry will determine the type of tyre required. For most smaller vans extra-load (XL) tyres will be suitable, however for larger commercial vehicles you will require C or LT tyres which are specifically designed to withstand heavy loads for longer journeys.

How can I identify what tyres I have fitted to my van?

You can easily identify what type of van tyre is fitted by looking at the tyre sidewall.

As an example, you will see something like this:

Van Tyre
  • 235 width of the tyre in mm
  • 65 height to weight ratio of the profile
  • R indicates that the tyre is radial
  • 16 diameter of the tyre in inches
  • C for a commercial van (designed to carry heavy loads up to 3.5 tonnes)

Instead of C you might see:

  • XL (Extra Load) – designed to carry heavy loads but should only be used on a small van
  • LT – for small to medium vans

How can I purchase van tyres online?

We stock a large range of van tyres, to book online use the tyre search to find tyres for your vehicle and book a fitting to suit you.

Not sure which tyres you require? Call Tyrerite Ltd  on 01724 862161 to get further advice.

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